Sunday, December 18, 2011

I met Baba Captain Borderline at Arambol

Baba Captain Borderline, live music, the sea, travelers,  fake-exotic India, potbellied sausage-fest wannabe-Dil Chahta Hai tourists, shacks that cost 300 bucks a day, sinfully cheesy pasta, Kings Beer and feni ... Arambol's contradictory and more. 

Sit in bar by the beach, watch Lord Of The Rings on screen, and then walk back to the last shack on the cliff, a beach that can be reached only by foot.  The silence of the night, the thick humid air, and the sand ... candles in the evening ... I try to imagine this beach several years back (minus the empty beer bottles and the crowd)!

Arambol is a calm place, things that seem so important back home just disappear ... long bike rides, a new beach around every corner ... each a different shade of blue. 


The road to Arambol main beach is lined with shops selling the Indian experience - colorful Bongs, herbal teas, babaji shirts, mystic music, candles, agarbati, handicrafts, and so on. There are shops that cater to foreign tourists who live for months in this place.  

This is where i stayed in Arambol ... it's quite something ... my room had a small balcony that looked over the sea and a coconut tree ... I think Outback sums up the place real well. 

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